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Akinator is perhaps one of the most unique games on the vast World Wide Web. The number of fans of the game increases with each passing day, and this despite the fact that there is no steep plot, no fancy graphics , no charismatic characters that are usually attracted to all players. At first glance, the game seems so simple and unpretentious , that it becomes quite clear why it leads to the children's delight serious adults. When six years ago, in 2007, two young French programmer to come up with a Akinator , they did not even know how a great idea to visit them. This game has made its world- famous creators , today has been translated into eleven most common languages, including Russian , so you now have plenty of opportunity to enjoy a chat with Akinator and satisfy their curiosity. For the uninitiated, explain the essence of the game. Akinator - cute , good-natured and very, very sociable gin psychic who can read minds and loves to solve puzzles . In Akinator play is very simple - you guessed any character , whether it really exists or not, and cunning gin with leading questions trying to guess it . And what is most striking , you may not believe it, but it is almost always possible ! Special amazement of the players is the fact that the answer should be "yes" , "no" , "may" and "do not know ", but Akinator is enough and these concise answers to make the correct conclusion . Usually wise enough gin to ask you just a fifteen - twenty short little issues , and he guesses the correct answer. This then is the main feature of the game. Name it - excitement . The player will become a shame that so easily Akinator guesses about everything , and he starts coming up with ever more intricate characters in the hope still be too clever by half insidious gin. Everything from that point went great game ! Stop now it will be difficult ... Although , in fairness, I must say that Akinator is not all-knowing , and sometimes it is , in spite of all his wisdom Mego , and can not give the right answer. In this case, it will ask you to give the name , the hidden character , and enter them into a special library on which he cultivators . So play Akinator is getting more curious , because this program is not static , it is constantly evolving and self-renewing , learns more and more new names , and beat it becomes increasingly difficult , and therefore more interesting.

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