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A word picture was extremely popular in recent times. Many are trying to screw up the word in a conversation, or do not understand its significance , or of him having a vague idea - the main thing to pay tribute to fashion and demonstrate their advancement . So before we talk about what 's picture The Last Airbender games are now the most sought after , yet I would like to first clarify who is this " avatar" in fact . Let's go far away and start the story from the beginning. And in the beginning was one of the world's oldest religions - Hinduism, where the term refer to the philosophical concept of "divine manifestations" , put it more simply - the embodiment of God. For all the same modern geek avatar - is primarily a graphics card of any member , the so-called "icon" . Now that we understand the meaning of this word , you can continue to talk about the games. In 2009, Cameron took his Oscar-winning sci-fi film of the same name . The story we retell it probably will not - he is so familiar to everyone , because " Avatar" premieres in the year broke all records at the box office of hits and has become the most box-office hit in the history of cinema. Despite such a grand success of the movie , avatar games, based on his story , for some reason is not very accustomed. At the time, was created by a multi-platform third-person shooter , then a few odevalok in which the player is invited to play the game avatar as follows : dress up the blue-skinned beauty and make her different makeup - that is, perhaps , the whole range of their simple . It is quite another equally famous animated series "Avatar : The Last Airbender ", which was released in 2005 and currently has three seasons . The action in the movie takes place in the fictional wizarding world of the four natural elements : water, fire, earth and air , very reminiscent of ancient China . The entire plot of the series is built around the adventures of a young Air mage named Aang , who is an avatar of birth - that is Multimag capable of commanding all four elements at once. Fate he intended to stop the bloody war between the tribes of different elements , which lasted for more than a hundred years. With such an intriguing plot of this series, mixed with magic and adventure, laced with martial arts and fantastic special effects, probably is too long to explain why established on the basis of his game avatar the legend of Aang , have become so popular. Here on our website contains lots of these games made ​​in a variety of genres , and playing an avatar here you can online and for free.

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