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Business Simulations - one of the most popular game genres. Always fun to play when there is an incentive in the form of an award, and then you can spend the money earned by honest work on the modernization of their place of work, to earn even more. One variety of business simulation games have a cafe for girls. By the way, the boys also enjoy playing these games, and they get it worse than girls. But we have a little distracted. Let's take a closer look at what is the point of these games. At the very beginning of your heroine will have to start their work in a small cafe or a deserted diner. In the story, he may have inherited or just a girl has to make money on something very important. In the game you will be engaged in an endless visitor services, catering to them in every possible way, in addition to the earnings and get more tips. And customers will come different, with different levels of patience and a desire to reward you a tip. Your character will spin like a squirrel in a cage, trying to please everyone. Between the influx of buyers you will have the opportunity to equip their little cafe that customers waited longer orders and not nervous, but you could automate certain types of work thanks to a new home appliance, or even hire a worker in some cases. To complete a level in a business simulator, you get a certain amount of money, without this in any way. In addition to a café still has games for girls restaurants there running the same principle, but the action is happening in the restaurant. Characters in the game are not necessarily true story girl. Waiters in online games can work penguins, hamsters, monkeys and other creatures in order to serve their own kind. And in some games, you'll come to a place where at all served by various undead, and works as a waiter skeleton. What to say when the counter is the princess herself, serving witches and goblins, to earn a renovation of the castle. Games cook in a restaurant - another kind of flash games, which will give customers the dish is piping hot, and for that he will first have to cook, combining the ingredients. In any case, online restaurants make you give everything to the full, to bring his establishment at the required level. You're a bartender, a waiter, a cook, a cleaning lady and a host institution in one. You shook my nerves capricious customers, forcing them to run several times, but the games are restaurants and cafes will still be your most favorite.

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