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In the world there are thousands of options for the game , which is based in the permutation of figures on a set of rules. The most famous of them , no doubt, is chess , which came to light more than a thousand years ago in India . According to legend, they asked the creator of the powerful Raja award, which would have consisted in the fact that on each square chessboard he laid grains , the amount of which would have increased exponentially. As its name suggests , to the last cell of the number of grains has increased so much that not only exceeded the private stores Raja , but the harvest from all over India. This story proves once again how versatile and mysterious this game . Now many people prefer to play checkers online , explaining his choice by saying that the rules of chess are too complex and require a more thoughtful approach. In fact , checkers are independent playing with their own set of rules , strategies and tricks. Therefore, they in no way should be seen as a lightweight chess equivalent. In all of this , learn the rules of the game a lot easier , so you can play checkers game at almost any age . And since they are a good influence on the development of logical thinking and analytical skills , the checkers can easily compete with the same educational games for children. This particularly applies to computer versions of the game , in which you can move the figures in the company 's favorite cartoon characters and books. A game of checkers in online mode are good by the fact that they can fight like a machine, and a friend sitting with you for a keyboard. However, given the possibility to set different difficulty levels , the game against the computer can sometimes be very interesting. In this case, we recommend that you immediately see the limitations laid down by developers as checkers in this respect have a rather flexible set of rules , which can be made by changing the variety in the gameplay . We can not only play checkers for free, but even download them to your computer and play for fun , even where there is no access to the World Wide Web. Especially for you on our site has a separate category , which contains various versions of this exciting game. For example, adults surely interest checkers on the strip , or their extreme variations in fields of irregular shape. And for the young players we can find games online checkers, in which the role of figures perform characters cartoons or funny monsters . So you can only choose a game to taste and start shashechnym exciting battles !

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