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The last millennium has brought us a lot of different kinds of shocks , rather big part of which could relate to the scope of gender and equality. Thus boys and girls to become equal as that lately it is beginning to threaten the modern world order. Today, it is easily possible to meet the boy in the narrow and tight jeans with a female handbag over her shoulder , and it has long been considered the norm. Similarly, as in real life and virtual life, many representatives of the stronger sex can get carried away toys for girls, such as dolls , coloring books and more. It came already to the point that many of the creators of Internet products can not guess in advance on what the target audience will target their product. After all, many of the same series can attract the attention of both boys and girls. Because today it is possible to find a large number of products that fit the same and the girls and boys . For example , the classic coloring . Coloring Games for boys are also interesting . They can spend hours to paint not only their favorite machines and transformers , but with no less interest will decorate pictures in the style of Winx . Today, without a gap can be addicted women's entertainment , even the boys . Because many parents bring up their children in the model of behavior without a specific division of gender . But such a model can lead to some imbalance in the society, even though it is considered to be more fair . Here and in the gaming industry developers recently created games that can be used equally both sexes . After all, today is possible to meet girls who are not worse than the boys race on the fastest race cars , are fighting without rules , manifest themselves in all sorts of shooters . So why the boys can not entertain yourself games for girls. They are not worse . Coloring games for boys have developing and training features. And it most certainly meets men themes . These coloring pages are given a very large room for creativity child , because any vehicle or the transformer does not have a clear distribution of color. Because such games give the boys a lot of flying fantasies and experiments. The child has the opportunity to create a unique image that may differ significantly from the original. That coloring pages for kids online is a unique tool for the modern creative development. To do this, you only need to open the browser, the webpage and allow your child to experiment.

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