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Atlantis - the legendary continent that, according to Plato, one day down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean as a result of some kind of global natural disaster. With him went under water magnificent palaces, science labs, huge temples, gardens and fields, manicured homes and numerous marble statues. Killed in the crash and all the inhabitants of the island. According to legend, they were descended from the gods who came down from heaven, kept derived from them sacred knowledge and possessed psychic powers - telekinesis, telepathy and clairvoyance. Since the days of ancient Rome to present day Atlantis is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many writers, writers, artists and filmmakers. This subject is so fertile that the number of science fiction stories and novels, movies, comics and cartoons about Atlantis defies calculation. Given all this, it becomes quite clear that the creators of the game simply could not ignore this beautiful legend. Some of them have made a powerful Atlantean playable races in their strategies, others went further and created a full-fledged quests with a complex plot, where the game is based on the search for the sunken island and unravel many mysteries associated with his death. But these games are very bulky, they must be downloaded and installed on the computer, they take a long time to complete. We invite you to play online diamond Atlantis - fast, easy and free. This exciting game gives all players a chance to test your logical abilities and quick thinking, as a matter of fact, it is one of the variations of the classic game of "three in a row" and it is on time. In this game, about a hundred dissimilar levels, each of which represents a playing field on which to mess scattered gems. The player must move step by step their way, so that after each stroke we obtain a chain of at least three stones of the same color. The complexity of the game will steadily increase with each passing level puzzles will become harder, so bored you just do not have. Creating complex chains in which you will be able to include more than four identical gems, is sure to be rewarded not only enjoyable, but also very useful bonus that will help you as soon as possible to clear the playing field. Caring developers have tried and prepared for this purpose is not only primitive bomb, but the dynamite, and especially lucky players have access to a real gun! In general, the game leaves behind quite a pleasant experience and allow you to have fun and to relax by the computer.

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