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Today it is very difficult to determine the role of developing and training online games in the children's lives. Finally, today, in our country have the right to listen to the advice of psychologists and teach the kids, taking advantage of their natural ability to learn quickly is any material in the game. That's just because if you want your baby has learned to count, read and started a basic study of a foreign language, as well as discovering some of the rules of conduct, use of a new series of online educational games about Diego and Dasha. Games Diego and Dasha made on the basis of the same name and is the popular cartoon, which already won the attention of many kids and parents. Some were attracted by colorful and fun storyline and character. Other encouraging phenomenal success that eventually boast children. Millions of children have grown fond of the main characters for their simplicity, kindness and friendliness. The characters in the game has a certain occupation. Dasha is traveling through the virtual world in the team with his loyal assistants - a talking map and unusual backpack. And Diego always carry a rescue backpack, which helps save the rare animals from harm. During the game, Dasha gives babies English lessons, communicating with English-speaking heroes of the game. And Diego introduces children to different kinds of animals, describes their characteristics, habitat and habits. During the game, your child will go on a journey to find those in need of urgent assistance animals together with good company. In this game, every child will cope without help, because it is available only to active participation is a toddler. About the upcoming task or demand games directly from the main characters, who immediately turn to him for help. An online game "Diego and Dasha" truly are interactive. The imagination of any child to help him immediately imagine that it actually helps their favorite cartoon characters. Developers also have tried over the rhythm of the game, which does not allow a child to get bored, but at the same time, overwork little head from an excess of newly acquired information. Heroes voiced their jobs several times throughout the game, which will need to perform well once. This is designed to help you remember that existing well-understood and deposited in the memory of the child. So it is recommended to introduce your child is three years old with such a fascinating razvivalkoy.

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