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As soon as the movies and TV series on the medical theme densely occupied space in the air and hearts of the audience, our brave video game developers have made every effort that we could not part with favorite characters ever. "Clinic", "Interns" great and terrible "House" - we have long been accustomed to control the actions of your favorite characters on the monitor. Doctor games online magnificent simulator that allows you to feel like an expert in a variety of medical fields - from dentistry to surgery and psychiatry. Just as in life! Symptoms sometimes the most unusual, solutions will have to be made quickly, to act carefully, without losing your head. If, for example, you come across a game characters "Treatment Lohan", then you just have to throw in a patient syringes with medication to calm her down - after all, you're a doctor psychiatric clinic. You can try yourself in the role of children's doctors in the game "Sickness small Hizel" and following visual cues to help get rid of the little girl who defeated her ailments. In this case, will have to vigilantly monitor the status indicator mood girl - a child after all! Among the most requested games doctor today - the "House". Created after the favorite of many series, it will make not only to deal with several unique medical cases, but also greatly enhance their knowledge by letting all kinds of exams and completing the test items in the numerous mini-games. Do not forget about pets. Free games doctor can help save many animals admitted to hospital with all sorts of injuries. When the level of confidence in their own abilities to rise to the heavens, you can go to the game to make the transaction. There need a steady hand and sharp eye estimation. Surgery - employment is extremely responsible. May enroll a patient with a fracture or a gunshot wound, but if you successfully managed and relaxed - nothing! How about a complex heart surgery or brain? From this, however, can be tiring. In this case, remove the mask, delay and become instruments for the duration of service personnel in the game "Mystic Hospital." We'll have to carefully examine the application of physicians to bring order to the ideal transaction and to provide them with all necessary. In any case, it is better to treat than match! Take care of yourself! This game is designed for those who want to pristavit himself as a brilliant doctor. For you will be a lot of hope for a variety of patients who necessarily need help. Be helpful!

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