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Hearing the word "dragon" we will immediately tune to the fabulous world of fantasy, because the dragon - a mythical creature with which the many legends and fairy tales, and never dreamed that any of the existing characters. According to legend, these magnificent animals once lived on the planet, bringing terror to the surrounding villages and towns. Flying machine of enormous could wither her fiery breath of a huge space in a jiffy. Most often, these creatures are described as evil and insidious. Knights one by one went to battle with dragons, testing their courage and strength, and the dragons carried off beautiful girls in their caves and easily dealt with good lads. However, these dangerous and beautiful creatures were unable to compete with the man, and eventually disappeared, leaving behind only the fairy tales and myths. In this modern age of the dragons moved from the legends in movies and TV series, and it is not surprising that the games industry has not been able to get around this side of the character, continuing to this day to operate it. Game about dragons and simply with their participation and were always going to be popular, because it is a fairy tale, and her love to all, regardless of age. Playing games dragons, you can become a brave knight, rescuing from the clutches of the evil flying monster his bride-princess. And you want to embody in itself a fabulous creature and try to survive in a cruel world where everyone wants you dead. Over time, people began to treat these creatures more loyal and good dragons were born, ready to help people, not to destroy it. You can play a game where Little Dragon is looking for his mother, where a good friend helps dragon-man battle with horrible monsters, creatures of darkness. Majestic and beautiful dragon has always been shrouded in an aura of magic and sorcery. His blood had magical properties, and the scales were inaccessible for arrows and swords. To defeat the dragon, you had to be sure to cut off his head in any special sword. In our games, you will be faced with different types and varieties of dragons. Among them will be good and bad, funny and dark, big and small. Get to know them more closely and you will not regret the time spent. Dragons settled in the arcades, shooters, quests, logic games, but in almost all game genres, so you're sure to be able to find the game to his liking. Not only children but also adults believe in miracles, but sometimes afraid to admit it, but because stories will live forever, and in them unchanging character - the dragon.

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