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A distinctive feature of the genre of puzzles is that there are seldom seen games that would radically different from its predecessors. As a rule, their creators are taking as a basis for one of the old proven projects and coming up to him a bright and beautiful wrapper. For example, you can always take the same Tetris or Zuma, and make them a new set of backgrounds and figures. However, it is still rarely appear on the puzzle is unlike many of its counterparts. Without a doubt, these include the original game 4 elements, it is freely available on our website. So, what is one of the best contemporary puzzles? At first glance it may seem that it combines several popular games of this trend. But the main difference in this series is the presence of a rather interesting story, which is usually neglected for some reason the creators of puzzles. So, online 4 elements tell of a magical land where all the magic is concentrated in the altars dedicated to the elements. In this world for centuries was dominated by the harmony and order, however, as is often the case, was not eternal happiness. Dark forces attacked the fairy kingdom, and in a few hours it was almost completely destroyed by Hurricane flown out of nowhere. Here then comes into play your character, which should enlist the help of a good magician and go save the world, but at the same time to restore it to its former beauty and harmony. This will help altars Water, Earth, Fire and Air to manage to preserve remnants of the former magical power. Each of them is waiting for you a mini-game in which you have with magic chips will need to send in the right direction of the natural flow of energy. But first, you should learn the basics of magic, sealed in magic books, each of which is closed at its small key. At this stage, the most interesting - you carefully examine the location near the altar and look at her slyly somewhat obfuscated key. This part of the game is made in the best traditions of the genre of "hidden object" and especially delight the youngest members. The secret to the success of the 4 elements is that its creators managed to combine the best of the puzzle in a bright and colorful game, and supplement it with their own original ideas. Gameplay elements 4 turned unusually exciting and fascinating. And thanks to the colorful and intuitive prompts her to easily handle even the youngest gamers.

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