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No need to constantly complain about the fact that all people are massively tupeyut from all sorts of online games. Indeed, while there are different types of puzzles and logic games, and the demand is increasing day by day, it is impossible to talk about the degradation of the people who spend much time at the computer. I absolutely any modern man there is always the need for a gym for the development of intelligence and logic, memory and skill learning. Series of well-known games in which the main task to get out of a restricted and confined areas, are direct evidence of the fact. It should also be noted that such games are loved not only highly intelligent people. Games on the shoots of the tombs, vaults, prisons, dungeons take pride of place even among ordinary schoolchildren, housewives, office workers. Is that for the little kids can not escape the game interesting. After all, for the passage of such toys need special attention, perseverance and logical thinking. To find the right solutions to quite a lot of time. Which may take place in one location game. In the course of the game should be very carefully and painstakingly explored in search of the right things, different hidden instructions, mysterious codes and other things that are necessary for your own salvation. Such games are made specifically for search steps. During the game you will find pre-designed sequence of actions. Here for example is found on the table, and sugar tongs, you can not help to open the desired box. And tucked away in a drawer a special code that is needed to open a small safe that is key to the front door, and so Therefore the main plot of the game to cheat and go through all elements of a logic circuit fails. Here are the games and such an interesting and fascinating story, a long time ago began to attract many players. Because these games are great train memory, require special care, persistence and perseverance. As in games of this genre there are different clues, but limit their use is limited, and all the time to wait for help accumulate not interested. It shoots about games recently devoted many forums, websites, communities in social networks, where it is possible to study in detail the correct passage, and all the most interesting moments of the game. Basically, these games are free and very often they can be downloaded in the browser, but powerful special effects they do not own. A heaped more games of this genre will need to download to your computer in the form of a special application.

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