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Magic and magic attracts and lures us from childhood , holding even after a period of maturity. Virtually no fairy tale is complete without a mythical creatures , so it is popular cartoons about fairies and charodeek among girls very tender age . Listening to my mother's bedtime stories , girly present themselves fragile graceful fairies, with transparent wings , flying from flower to flower , and artists , animators and game developers embody these dreams in cartoons and games . Thus were born the game for girls Winx fairies with good company and fairies Winx games for girls with girls - sorceress sorceress . Each character Winx fairies and charodeek has its own special magic abilities and it often determines its character. Fairy Tecna keen appliances and owns technomage has strong iron character , and shy Flora commanded the forces of nature , it is gentle and sweet . Each of charodeek : Irma, Taranee , Cornelia and Hay Lin has the forces that command the specific elements : water, air, fire and earth. All - girl witch in the first place regular girls who like to dress nicely , hanging out at parties and run on dates. They fall in love , quarrel , make peace . Games Winx fairies and the sorceress - is, for the most part , dress up games . The fabulous girls will ask you to choose clothes for them for a party, to prepare for the dance parties to a first date, you will learn with them to do the right make-up and match accessories. The only difference from ordinary girls , fairies and wings have to pick up the color of the rest of the garment. Sorceress zateyut repair his house , and you have to help them equip all out . In between partying and travelers fairies and the sorceress, as they should be , will struggle with the forces of darkness , using their magical skills. Winding along with its fairy-tale characters on the creepy underground maze , use the magic wand to not get lost. And then again you will relax by painting little girls in bright magical colors , finding magic items , lost letters of the alphabet and numbers , the differences between the pictures with magical girls. In addition to the familiar fairy Winx you meet with many other cute fairies, they get to know you a little fairy game . You build a house for a little fairy prepare her for a date , make a beautiful hairdo . The World of Magic game will entice you , and witches and fairies will become your best friends .

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Flash games online Winx Fairies

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