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Onions, one of the oldest types of weapons. It is not known when or where it came from, and who was the first to use it, but it's a simple and effective weapon soon spread across the globe. None of the people who would not use bows and arrows to defend or attack the enemy. In many epics, myths and legends praises brave and nimble archers. The most famous archer virtuoso - Robin Hood, the hero of English ballads end of the twelfth-thirteenth centuries. This legendary warrior raised an army, which numbered several dozen of the best archers, and tales of his incredible hit has long walked among the common people. The creators of games archery could not pass this subject, and to light a wide variety of games where the main character - the archer and his bow. Bow and arrow - one of the most popular video game weapons. Even in games where the hero is able to use several types of weapons, the first thing that comes to him in hand - is the bow. Let it not as rapid-fire as an automatic weapon, and can boast of range, but in the simplicity and reliability he just can not refuse, and the skillful use of a good bow will bypass many types of weapons. Most often, the bows are used in shooters. Character archer can participate in the competition, trying to hit the target complex, and will defend the castle from the enemy attacks. Games archery online could not ignore, and most Robin Hood. He will shoot for apples, located at the head of the enemy, fight zombies, deftly exempt from the gallows friends. By the way, the game with the use of the bow, where you have to use the laws of physics, it is very popular. They are as a rule, you need something to bring down or destroy a well-aimed arrows hit. You will need to find their way around and the minimum number of shots to achieve the desired result. Your choice of a variety of games archery game online, where your character will save the hanged men from certain death. To do this, a well-aimed shot to kill the rope. Even the ubiquitous Mario also picked up a bow and arrow to help a colleague computer games Sonic when to hang with friends in the town square. Archer in the game you have to shoot not just stupid, directing bow on the enemy or target, and choose the tensile force of the bowstring, the height of an arrow, and in some games, even the direction of the wind. All archery interesting and entertaining - it is an opportunity to get some experience in the shooting of the oldest type of projectile weapons and just relax.

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