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There just incredible creatures do not come up with the human imagination! Monsters and creatures we can often see in the movies, cartoons, books, and, of course, in computer games. It is clear that with a monster game as the main character can belong to all genres - Action, Strategy, shooters, puzzles, quests, racing and many others. And so in the role of enemy monsters appear in every other computer toy. But let us still on the main hero-monster. Usually it is endowed with superhuman abilities or weapons and can destroy everything around with bare hands or shoot flames and hurl fireballs. Almost always, the monster has a scale of rage, which is incorporated by filling out a special regime applying increased damage. Of course, most of the characters in these games are borrowed from elsewhere. Especially popular with girls now enjoy toys with the protagonists of the animated series Monster High. However, not all the monsters in the games presented here will appear as a terrifying monster. Some of them are simply a strange creation, and the appearance of others will not fear, even a child. If you decide to play in something, but they have not yet decided exactly what you need right now - feel free to go to the section of our site where games are monsters, among which will necessarily get something worthwhile. In the end, you can just start clicking all game in order to end or the beginning, because the loading of each stick will take a few seconds. However, to quickly select the most exciting game - look for platformers with monsters. This game will remind you of the classic Super Mario - they also have to jump over different obstacles, collect bonuses that will simply add to your glasses or make your monster bigger and stronger. At the end of each level you will be expected to struggle with a strong boss. Perhaps game with RPG elements about monsters at first seem a little more difficult, but after playing them in a few minutes, you will feel the excitement when pumping strength and skill to create a character as well as the collection and marketing of different valuable items. But not everywhere you have to drive a monster - in some games the main character is a man with a gun, fend off hordes of monsters that are attacking him. Using the vast arsenal of shotgun barrel grenade launcher to help you survive in the battle against hordes of zombies and other creatures that want to eat you. Fun shooting at the monsters you can on our website for free

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